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    Water Damage

    Water damage can be caused by a number of different problems with appliance malfunction, plumbing leaks, flood damage and storm damage being some of the more common causes. Water damage can wreak havoc in your home in a number of ways; therefore it’s important you get it professionally cleaned as soon as possible.

    If left untreated water damage can lead to much more serious issues such as:

    • Mold
    • Rot
    • Unwanted pests
    • Unwanted odors
    • Structural damage
    • Grey-water/Black-water damage which can pose a risk to your health

    Water damage can often be misleading as the impact is not always visible to the naked eye and water extraction can be much harder than you realize.  It can be extremely hard to dry out naturally as water soaks into the fabrics of the building covering the smallest gaps, and the longer it is left untreated, the greater the likelihood of you developing further issues. Greywater and Black-water are both potentially harmful as bacteria and microorganisms develop, causing a much bigger issue than the initial water damage.

    How we help

    Our experts are ready and equipped to deal with your water damage repair and once they arrive on-site they will assess the level of the damage, the safety of the building and investigate the level of contamination.  They will also assess the extent of the structural damage and any potential electrical hazards you may have.  They will then start the water damage restoration process.

    Using our premier equipment, we will remove the water as quickly as possible to leave the home free of water damage before beginning our expert drying process, ensuring that all traces of water are completely removed to prevent mold, rot, and odors.

    Water Damage Restoration Service Bordentown City, Beverly, Bass River, Burlington City, Chesterfield, Cinnaminson

    Water Damage Restoration

    Our staff are experts in water restoration and water damage repair and using our state of the art equipment, we will get your home back to normal in no time at all as we extract all water and quickly and effectively dry and clean your home. Water cleanup is easy with our simple water mitigation process.

    The Water Damage Restoration Process

    We handle water damage repair in New Jersey, Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, and after calling us about your water damage we will have our experts on-site in a matter of hours.  Our team will inspect the water damage, the areas affected and assess the extent of the damage before beginning the water removal process using our specialist water removal technology.  Water cleanup has many different aspects and our team will ensure to remove the obvious water AND the water in the hard to reach places that aren’t as easily recognizable.  We will then begin drying and humidifying your property to ensure your home is free of water and moisture.

    Finally, we will clean, sanitize and decontaminate your home.  Depending on the scale of the water damage your property may have been affected in a terrible way but our experts will ensure your items and furnishings are cleaned and restored as we use our specialist sanitizers and decontaminants to remove odors, stains and decolorization as best we can, restoring your home to its pre-flood condition.  In many cases, flood damage, water in your basement or a water damaged ceiling can lead to huge damage around the home, but we will handle that too.  Our water damage cleanup doesn’t stop at the removal of the water from your home. We will also complete work on your water damaged carpet, drywall or subflooring heating to ensure that whatever it takes, your home is safe, dry and in the right condition for you.

    Your peace of mind

    A flooded basement or burst pipe doesn’t give you a warning and can happen at any time of the day, that’s why we operate a 24-hour service, ready to help when you need it most.  Our team will be on-site in a matter of hours and for extra peace of mind, we can even deal directly with your insurance company, taking the stress and hassle out of fixing your home.  Once the work has been completed we then offer further protection, as all of our work is guaranteed by our satisfaction guarantee.  If you have water damage and need helping drying and restoring your home, don’t delay, call the restoration specialists today.

    How to get in touch

    If you are in need of professional Restoration Service and need high-quality Restoration Specialist in your nearby area it’s time you gave the restoration specialists a call.

    Serving NJ and PA we are ready and able to take on any job you may have, no matter the size.

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