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    Smoke and Fire damage

    Fires can inflict unimaginable damage on homes and businesses and often leads to buildings being unusable and uninhabitable for long periods of time.  The after-effects of a fire can be just as horrific as you are left to deal with fire damage, smoke damage and often flood and water damage as a result of the water used in cleanup.  Even after the fire has been put out, further issues can still arise, which may lead to long-lasting damage and problems.

    Our fire restoration services are second to none and we will help you to recover from fire damage quickly and effectively so that you can safely move back into your home as our fire restoration experts get straight to work on your property.

    Fire Damage

    A property affected by fire will suffer damage to its contents and the structural integrity of the building not to mention the obvious risks such as carpets, walls, and ceilings being destroyed or the building being damaged beyond repair.  If the building hasn’t been destroyed, there are still other issues that can occur such as leftover traces of soot and smoke on the walls, floors, ceilings and the contents of a room.  The heat from the fire causes certain surfaces to expand, allowing the soot and odors to enter into them before becoming trapped once the temperature cools.  This continues to cause damage long after the fire has gone as the soot and odors come back to the surface to be released through the pores.  This can lead to visible issues such as staining and decolonization but also physical issues as you breathe in the leftover smoke particles, which can block lung airways and cause serious problems.

    Fire Smoke and water damage


    Fire, smoke and flood damage often go together as a result of the water used to extinguish the fire and if cleanup and restorative efforts have not begun quickly it can lead to secondary damage and further issues down the line.  The development of mold, which can rapidly grow in 48 hours, is a common side effect of not acting quickly following a fire and the absorption of smoke and liquids by the structure of the building is another potential issue, which could result in many items needing to be removed and replaced.  We have the experience and skills necessary to deliver fast and effective smoke, fire and water restoration services across New Jersey and Philadelphia and we use the highest quality equipment to ensure restoration works occur quickly.  Drying, repairing and restoring your property can take many forms, from cleaning a building following a fire, drying the property after water damage or even having to remove and rebuild parts of the building along the way.

    At restoration specialists, we pride ourselves on doing what it takes to get the job done and we always strive to restore as much as possible back to its pre-incident condition.

    How we can help?

    We are an experienced fire damage restoration company and we ensure every job is completed to the industry’s highest standards as our expert team will act fast to help make your property safe again.  Our primary restoration goal is to return the damaged property to its pre-existing condition without compromising the environment or your health and safety and we also aim to minimize and prevent further secondary damage.  Fire and flood damage can lead to wide-ranging results and understanding how to clean, restore and safely remove the smoke, odors, water and soot is no easy task but our highly trained staff use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest in fire damage cleaning products to help salvage and save as many of your items as possible.  If you’ve had fire damage and need someone to help make your property safe again so that you safely return as quickly as possible call us now.

    After speaking on the phone we will have a team on-site within hours and from here the process is simple.

    • Emergency call-out – Our team will arrive on-site to complete a fire damage inspection
    • We will immediately deal with any potential hazards, securing the property.
    • Water, soot and smoke removal – We will begin removing any traces from all areas of the property and its contents.
    • Structured drying – We will begin an extensive drying process to ensure the premises are dry and safe
    • Intense cleaning – This is important to prevent secondary damage and restore the premises
    • Repair work – Our experts will begin repairing what can be saved and salvaged
    • Restoration will be complete as your house is returned to its pre-incident form

    Our signature fire damage restoration process is all completed with industry-leading technology and by highly trained staff that are sensitive to your needs and your situation.

    Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Service in Delanco, Delran, Eastampton, Edgewater Park, Evesham, Fieldsboro

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    If you are in need of professional Restoration Service and need high-quality Restoration Specialist in your nearby area it’s time you gave the restoration specialists a call.

    Serving NJ and PA we are ready and able to take on any job you may have, no matter the size.

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